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La Nébuleuse d'HIMA 


One band, LNH

One company, Nebula


Created in 2011, LNH has always focused on mixing different musical genres, putting together dozens of musicians, producers and arrangers, with the aim of working on an electronic repertoire based on heavy guitars, but not only…  

It’s musical diversity is felt from their first EP, “Once upon a time”. As each song is composed and produced by different artists, the EP offers the group the possibility of embracing a common style, inspired by heavy metal music, but also hip-hop, pop, lyric-based songs… at the will of the group’s desires and collaborations.


From this first EP, a visual dimension is established, especially from the point of view of working on the “artistic interpretation of the words”. 

 With Faustine Berardo´s texts as a support, two artists (photographer Brice Bedouet and designer Saturne) have worked thoroughly on their pieces. In the process, a song becomes a photo or an illustration… 


Their artistic pieces open a way to the creation of an audiobook as a format for their first EP as well as an exhibition during the group’s concerts… They also invite other artists and technicians into the team.


At this point, the group starts imagining their events on a larger scale, proposing artistic irruptions in large spaces, combining decorations, expositions, concerts as well as free spaces for the public. This way, the audience can become themselves creators and not just spectators. 

 In 2017, the group is invited to collaborate with the Download Festival and decides to give a human form to Hima. A company of performers, actors and dancers is born with the support of designers, make-up artists and stylists. Together they develop the army of Hima, where each actor, since then and to this day, is connected to a song, which in turn is connected to a text and therefore to the words… 

Nebula is born...

 Having started to be present in events by simply performing amidst the crowd, the company starts enjoying being together and develops performances blending theatre and dance, once again in ambiance with the repertory of the group, who revisits their own titles for the occasion. 

 Today, LNH prepares a new album and their following tour for early 2021. The company is starting to work on their future performances and will collaborate with, whilst waiting for the tour dates, the visual universe of the band. 


Faustine Berardo

Faustine Berardo LNH - NEBULA Chef d'orchestre


Balré LNH Production & Live Platines


Bro'Lee LNH Production & Live Guitare

Cannelle Perré

Cannelle Perré NEBULA Performeuse

Mighty Max.jpg

Mighty Max LNH Live Batterie

Doc Kero.jpg

Doc Kero LNH Production & Live Synthés


Yagel LNH Production

Danilo Sekic.jpg

Danilo Skic NEBULA Performer

Ryo Gomez.jpg

Ryo Gomez LNH Production

Mélissa Gardet.jpg

Mélissa Gardet NEBULA Performeuse Création Hima

Guillaume Bozelec.jpg

Guillaume Bozelec Ingénieur du Son

Clément Mirguet.jpg

Clément Mirguet LNH Production

Benoit Morel.jpg

Benoit Morel NEBULA Performer

Sid Poulpe.jpg

Sid Poulpe NEBULA Performer

Jess Oberli.jpg

Jess Oberli NEBULA Création Hima Décoratrice

Clément DUBOSC

Clément Duboscq Communication


JU Création graphique Décoratrice


Westerly LNH Production


Saturne Illustratrice Artwork

Nicolas Jeanpierre.jpg

Nicolas Jeanpierre Création vidéo

Jérôme Revel.jpg

Jérôme Revel NEBULA Performer

Audrey Henry.jpg

Audrey Henry LNH Production

Laura Mazeaud.jpg

Laura Mazeaud NEBULA Performeuse

Adeline Maisonneuve.jpg

Adeline Maisonneuve NEBULA Performeuse

Toby Screamer.jpg

ToBy Screamer LNH Production


Oren LNH Production

Juliette Faburel.jpg

Juliette Faburel Ingénieure du Son

Pierre Duff.jpg

Pierre Duff LNH Production

Loic Hameau.jpg

LoÏc Hameau Créateur Lumière

Hervé Triquet.jpg

Hervé Triquet Ingénieur du Son

Céline Santin.jpg

Céline Santin Administration

Gwen Bédouet.jpg

Gwen Bédouet NEBULA Maquilleuse

Baptiste Benoit.jpg

Baptiste Benoit NEBULA Performer


SPOEMI LNH Production

Artisan Lavertu.jpg

Artisan Lavertu LNH Production

Brice Bedouet.JPG

Brice Bedouet Photographie

Sébastien Kunz.jpg

Sébastien Kunz Création graphique


Pauline Casaliggi Maquilleuse

Thomas Guarenti.jpg

Thomas Guarenti LNH Production

Ben Costa.JPG

Ben Costa NEBULA Performer

Vinz Tattoer.JPG

Vinz Tattoer Création graphique

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