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The Band


A fusion between metal hip-hop and electro music, with some inspirations of world music and song, with some lyrics in French and English, raw and poetic at the same time… 


It’s defining feature ?

A repertory created by a group of around ten artists (musicians, producers, arrangers), putting together their styles and artistic universes to make something unique: 

The artistic universe of La Nébuleuse d'Hima.

Two volumes have been created by the collective. 


On stage, five musicians to embody this repertoire (Drum, Djing, guitar, keybooard, voice) and one performer, playing Hima.

Once Upon A Time... 

Sans titre-3.jpg

Falling between two Stools 

LNH Falling between two Stools Cd-Book

Photos Live

La Guerre des Rois


The cd-Books

Find the entire creative universe of the collective through their cd-books, featuring a 40-page book, accompanied by a cd, inviting you to dive into The Nebula. 


Texts, photos, illustrations, but also photos of artistic irruptions, expositions and even backstage and making-of footage… 


Through these artistic pieces, you can read the music, you can hear the images, the senses open up creating a particular strong and tactile connection between the audience/reader and the book.

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