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The Compagny

In 2016, the group started to think about a physical embodiment of the HIMA identity. 


Nourished by years of music, scenic irruptions and visual creations, at the beginning the idea was to develop this character so that it could join the group on stage, in live events. 


The character´s presence in the project becomes evident after its first appearance at the Tattoo Salon in Marseille in 2017. 


Shortly after this event, the group receives a command from the Download Festival. Eight HIMA are created to perform and entertain during the 3 days of the festival. Eager to preserve this link to the group’s history, the creative team decides to take inspiration from texts and to link each character to a song of their musical repertoire. 


The team puts together actors and dancers but also clown artists and visual performers, offering the different Hima a variety of visuals, differing in character and emotion. 


The company starts finding its feet during their presence in these events, and shortly after, the idea of putting everything together on stage starts feeling like the next step to take. 


 Two ten-minute performances are born: 

“The man cut up in two” and “Infinitive”. Two powerful creations with a mix of theatrical performance, dance and mime, using the musical repertory of the group carefully revisited for it to be at the story’s service.



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