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Deep Inside My Guts

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by Saturne

by Brice B² BEDOUET

I could make my World a better place,

But I love so much his scarves, his colors, his cracks.

And I know he’s not regular, and not very stable…


I could say that he’s more than perfect,

But he’s full of false starts, full of big faults.

And I really despair of making of it, something more stable…



But deep inside my guts, he’s mine!

Completely unstructured,

But always in my own image.

Created with Love, but built on my pain.

From the depths of my guts, he dies, he dries

As soon as someone tries to make it deflate!



My world is so excessive, emotive,

Sensitive to each little impulse.

And it’s a fucking job to make of it, something more special…


I don’t really have big real pretensions,

But I admit a little whim, if it has to have only one,

It’s to make my own world, a little bit special….



A world of black, but rose too, cause I’m a bit of a girl, after all.

A monster of sweetness, hidden behind a strange sadness!

Wild and hearty,

But made by my two used hands and my broken mind!


But all of this doesn’t really matter.

All of this doesn’t have any sense.

It’s already over….

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